About 011 Sports

Established in 2008, 011 Sports is a dominant European men's basketball management company based in Serbia. We are proud of an excellent track record in the quality and the services provided for our clients. Since 2008, and the moment when our company was established, we care deeply about our clients and have built strong relationships to support them through every stage of their career. Most of our clients are members of the company for more than five (5) seasons. Most of our clients never had other representation.

Over the years, 011 Sports managed to deliver a tremendous number of deals each season in different countries and at different levels! Since 2008, our agency participated in over 300 deals all over the world (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia...)!

Despite our focus on European basketball market, we have developed the necessary resources to place our clients successfully in top leagues globally. With 011 Sports there is no "closed door".

011 Sports pledge to our clients:
- Hard work! We work harder than others! Expect the same from you!
- Loyalty! We are there for our clients in victories and in loses!
- Honesty! We will tell you how it is, not what you want to hear!

The way how we conduct things brought us this far. The way how we will conduct them in the future will take us even further!

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